Who Touched My Tail!

Author(s): Xiao Xuan (筱玄)

Type: Chinese Web Novel

English Translation: Completed

Chapters: 206 + 5 extras


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Translated: XIIN (Chrysanthemum Garden)

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Who Touched My Tail!: Quick Transmigration, Fantasy, Boys Love (BL)

Alternative Name: 谁动了我的尾巴!

Who Touched My Tail?!

Xue Ling is a nine-tailed fox who has been cultivating for thousands of years but lost all his tails in a moment of capriciousness.

Tails are easy to self-destruct, but not easy to recover. In order to restore his human figure, he must struggle to destroy the plot, forcibly change the protagonist’s fate, and be the cannon fodder in the first line of attack.

But why are these plots more and more irrational? The setup is getting more and more weird, and what is with this person that is showing up in every single world?

It seems that before going through all these worlds, he has forgotten some very important affairs?

Su Xuanyan: Yes, you’ve forgotten me.

Xue Ling: Get lost! (▼皿▼#) Clearly every time you are the one that doesn’t remember anything!

Su Xuanyan: Oh, this is purely an accident.

PS (Translator XIIN at Chrysanthemum Garden):

1. Fast transmigration, shou is a nine-tailed fox, has been around for many years, has done almost everything, don’t be surprised by what he can do.

2. Author is crazy about beauty, so everyone is beautiful, don’t blame me for breaking the sky. Even though the characters may change, it really is just a tsundere fox shou & gentle, taciturn, □□ controlling maniac demon gong.

3. 1v1, silly & sweet, one hundred years of stupid cuteness. No matter how many worlds they go through, it’s the same gong!


Read Online for Free:

Translated: XIIN (Chrysanthemum Garden)

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