Vengeance and Vampires Book Series by Alicia Rades

Author: Alicia Rades

4 Books of the Series: Vengeance and Vampires

Language: English

Publication Date: September 25, 2018 (Kindle)

Pages: 236 pages

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Vengeance and Vampires Book Series by Alicia Rades: Young Adult, Fantasy

The books in the Vengeance and Vampires Book Series by Alicia Rades

Ravenite (Book 1) by Alicia Rades

Never mess with a witch who bites back.

I’m Rachel Collins, low witch and raven shifter in hiding. I spend my days tending the cash register at a local magic shop and my nights patrolling the streets for vampires with a death wish. Until the night I spot the mark of the Soulless on some lowly vampire’s wrist.

The Soulless answer to Valkas, the original vampire and the most ruthless of them all. They’re the same bloodsuckers who murdered my parents and kidnapped my sister. I want answers—and maybe a little revenge.

Along comes Venn, a handsome, protective wolf shifter who takes my breath away. We’re both after the same guy, and as much as it kills me to ask for help, I kind of need it.

Heaven help me. The dark, dangerous road we’re traveling together will either free my sister or get me killed.

Now a complete series! Full of vampires, witches, and shifters, Ravenite is a dark, fast-paced urban fantasy adventure.

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Resilience (Book 2)

This slayer’s about to save the world.

I’m a witch, shifter, self-proclaimed vampire slayer, and more than a little ticked off. The Soulless took my sister, and I’m determined to find where the elite group of vampires is hiding.

But before I can go after her, I get a warning from a high witch. There’s a vamp after a dark and dangerous artifact, one that would allow him to control magic and sell it to the highest bidder. I must pursue him if I hope to survive my sister’s rescue.

I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into. All I know is that my friends and I have to get to the artifact first… even if it means facing our worst nightmares to stop him.

Don’t miss the second installment of this fast-paced paranormal urban fantasy series, featuring vampires, witches, and shifters. One-click today to continue the exciting adventure!

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Resolute (Book 3)

The vampires aren’t the only ones out for blood.

I’m not just a vampire slayer. I’m a witch-shifter hybrid with a vengeance, and I’m crazy enough to crash the most feared vampire nest on my own to save my sister.

But the vamps are already a step ahead of me. When they capture me, I’m forced to fight another shifter to the death for their sick entertainment.

No one holds me prisoner and gets away with it. I’ll do whatever it takes to free my sister and kill the vampires… even if it means losing everything I hold dear.

The Vengeance and Vampires saga continues in book three of this dark, fast-paced urban fantasy adventure. Stand with witches and shifters in their fight against vampires and one-click today!

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Retribute (Book 4)

This vampire messed with the wrong girl.

I used to call myself a witch, shifter, and vampire slayer. Now I’m none of those things.

I thought I was doing the right thing by killing Valkas, the original vampire and eye of the storm. But I played right into Matias Vayne’s hands. His magic is back, but he’s taken the rest of ours in his plot to gain power and “purify” the world.

Innocent lives are on the line. I’ll do anything to save them and restore our magic, but first I must face the most powerful man alive without any power of my own. It’s an impossible mission, but I have to go through with it—or die trying.

The Vengeance and Vampires series comes to a thrilling conclusion in this dark, fast-paced urban fantasy novel. Experience the enchanting finale and one-click today!

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Vengeance and Vampires Book Series Reviews

“I didn’t want to put this book down. It started on a high note that kept rolling straight through. Every page more action moved the story along.” – Ashley Mccartney, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“It has action, mystery, adventure, and drama… A unique take on vampires and shifters and I loved it.” – Jessica Cashen, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“I love books about shifters, vampires and other supernatural creatures. This book was so good from start to finish, I could not put it down.” – Jaime Margaria, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

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