The Strongest God

Author(s): Die Zhiling (蝶之灵)

Translator: SumiStar’s

Type: Chinese Web Novel

English Translation: Ongoing

Chapters: 386 + 38 Extra Chapters (complete)


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Translated (Ongoing): Sumi’s Star | English MTL: MTL Novel | Raws: Raws (Chinese Version)

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The Strongest God: E-Sports, Boys Love (BL), Comedy

Alternative Names: 最强男神

Synopsis of The Strongest God:

Liu Chuan came from a great family background with a well-known professor as a father and a successful businesswoman as a mother, who came from a wealthy family.

What most of the world didn’t know, except for a select few, was that he was also a first-class god in the country’s e-sports league.

He had led his team to win many different competitions and was the only one in the country to lead their team to win the Annual Grand Slam.

However one day, he had vanished unexpectedly and retired from the e-sports league for personal reasons.

Later, he returned home when his school suspension period was almost over and he followed his parents’ wishes.

He had to return to school to graduate and ended up having to stay in room 301.

Those who were into games or followed the e-sports community, all know or admired various professional players. However, what they didn’t expect was that one of their gods was just within arms reach, and even more so, a first-class one too.


This is the first part of the god series. The first two parts have been finished. The plots do not affect each other.

E-sport God Series 2 “God Level Summoner”

E-sport God Series 3 “The King’s Return”


Read Online for Free:

Translated (Ongoing): Sumi’s Star | English MTL (Completed): MTL Novel | Raws: Raws (Chinese Version)

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