Best Romance Book Boyfriends

Book BoyfriendsBookBoyfriend TypeSpecial CharacteristicsSubmitted By
Quillan MiroSeraph Black SeriesAlpha MaleBossy, Stern and Strict; Always Fighting for your Best Interests; PossessiveRomanceAddict
SilasSeraph Black SeriesBad Boy NerdVery Possessive, Always Daring you, Helping you find the Bad Girl in you.RomanceAddict
NoahSeraph Black SeriesIntensePuts your interests first every time, RomanceAddict
CabeSeraph Black SeriesDevilishThe Playboy that turns Faithful for the right person, Playful and cheerful; the life of the partyRomanceAddict


Boys Love (BL) Book Boyfriends

Book BoyfriendsBookBoyfriend TypeSpecial Characteristics Submitted By
Xie ChiSupernatural Movie Actor AppSHOU - Genius yet extremely Handsome and CoolCunny, Black-belliedRomanceAddict
Xie XinglanSupernatural Movie Actor AppGONG - Powerful and StrongDependable, Ready to Die for you, Possessive, FaithfulRomance Addict